Cuticle care....

What do you think of when you hear the word, 'Cuticle'. Do you look down at your nails? Your fingertips maybe? How do you care for your Cuticles? Is there a right or wrong way? Let's talk about it.

What is a 'cuticle'

When you look down at your nails, what do you see. Can you identify your nail plate, nail bed, hyponychium, eponychium, Cuticle, perionychium, lunula, Matrix? I know.... that's probably a lot more than you expected. I am pretty sure thought that you are completely able to find almost all of them if I change the words a bit. Let me show you. If you want a closer view, just click on each picture and it'll enlarge.

A close of picture of a set of nails with a tool that points to the Perionychium or Lateral Nail folds
This is your Perionychium or Lateral Nail Folds
A close up picture of a set of nails with a tool that points to the Eponychium
This is your eponychium. This is not your Cuticle
A close up picture of a nail with a tool that points to the Lunula.
This is your Lunula

A close of picture of the underside of a set of Nails with a tool that points to the Hyponychium
This is your Hyponychium
A close up picture of a set of nails with a tool showing the flaky bit of Cuticle gently being pushed up and away
See those flaky bits? THAT is your Cuticle

I know A LOT of people that think the second picture is the cuticle. Your Cuticles are a thin layer of skin that protect the nail bed and the delicate tissues beneath. That layer of skin attaches right around the area where the Eponychium is. I mean, I can totally understand where the confusion can happen but it's super important to know that by cutting the Eponychium you are not only prone to cutting into LIVE tissue but

you have the possibility of exposing the area where your Nail grows to potential damaging bacteria. Heck, I used to cut that are all the time before I got myself into Nail School and learned all the tibits not only there but while getting my Certifications for my M-ANT and MNT.

How to take care of pesky dry skin

I'm going to go back to the Eponychium for a minute so hang tight. SO.... a lot of people cut the Eponychium right? Yea, they do. It's really not a good idea but sometimes there's some actual Cuticle that is kinda attached. If that is the case, my advice, would be to go to the store and get a buffing block made for nails and buff that little bit of mess away. If you are a Nail Tech or someone who is skilled with an E-File then you might want to look into some Bits that are specifically made to safely buff that area. Buffing that area will not only made it look better but it will take care of the chance for hang nails too. Now back to dry skin!

Dry Skin.... everyone HATES it. It can be itchy as hell and prone to cracks in the skin if it gets really bad. On your hands and nails... hang nails, sensitive or sore fingertips, easily broken nails...... 100% NO FUN. How do you prevent and maintain the skin around your nails though....especially when a lot of Lotions and Oils are , in my opinion , too heavy or too greasy for delicate skin. Cuticle oils?....balms? I recommend finding one that has Organic Ingredients that absorb quickly. So you can not have to worry about gripping something and find your hands slipping all around. Here's where I toot my own horn... TOOT TOOT.... I made a formula with ingredients that are not only Organic but they absorb incredibly fast and leave just a gentle shine which just looks like healthy hydrated skin.

Hydrated skin is less prone to cracking and hang nails. After tending to your Cuticles and nails it's best to apply an Oil or Balm to help replenish lost moisture. Buffing might not seem like it does much....but what better way to set your newly tended to nails than to Slap them with Hydration and Nourishment.

Another TOOT TOOT.... I'm linking you straight to my line of Cuticle Oils and Balms and give you a hint that we are currently in the process of expanding our Cuticle Care line with products for your whole hand and/or body. We've been testing formula after formula to create the best product we can.

Check out how quickly my Cuticle Oil absorbs! Yea, I know my nails are a wreck.... being a nail tech sometimes means you take care of yourself last.....Oh well.... Hahaha

Till next time!

Keep your nails healthy everyone!

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