Who's behind Dreams Nailed?

Have you been wondering who is behind Dreams Nailed? Why they've picked the brands they carry and formulated their own line of Skin & Nail Care Products? Well let's dive right in!

Hey hey! I'm Andrea and I'm the Owner of Dreams Nailed. I started this company in 2020. After having Spinal Surgery earlier in the year I was left wondering what I was going to do from here on out. So many times when going to do my own Gel Manicure I was left frustrated that a lot of companies out there only sold to Professional Nail Technicians or Cosmetologists. All that was left for the general public was streaky unpigmented ....well... crap. I told myself there had to be better options out there. After doing some research I found KoKo & Claire. Not only did that have extremely pigmented Gel Polish that was made available to anyone BUT they even took it a step further with offering an Acetone( Nail Polish Remover) FREE peel off base coat that only needed a little buff and then a soak in some warm soapy water. If you didn't know, repeated exposure to certain ingredients can cause what's known as Contact Dermatitis and can be detrimental when it involves something as seen and used as your hands.

Gel Polish for Everyone

A layout of Gel polishes from DreamsNailed stock. From Solid colors to glitters.
Stunning Gel Polishes that are more often than not. 1 Coat Coverage!

That is a Win Win for me! I contacted the company and got set up to be an authorized Distributor for the company and brought Koko & Claire from Canada to the East Coast of the U.S. I was thrilled and still am today! Next on my list was Nail Art. Now, I don't know about you but I am terrible when it comes to painting my own nails with my non-dominate hand. It's either super sloppy or it takes me literally hours to get them painted. Again, I told myself that there HAD to be a better way. I thought back to when I was first getting into Nail Art and actually had some off brand Nail Stamping Plates and found Clear Jelly Stamper. The original maker of the Clear Stamper. Gone were those opaque stampers that left you wondering if the art you picked up was going to go where you wanted it. You could literally see exactly where your art was going to be. Their plates, stamper, polishes were STUNNING and I did the same thing. Reached out and asked how to become an Authorized Distributor. Not only that though, I took their class and I am a Certified Educator for the company as well.

There had to be better out there

A layout of ClearJellyStamper Nail Stamping Plates and Stampers.
Gorgeous Nail Stamping Plates offered in our Stocked Products

My plans were slowly coming together and I was at the point where I wanted more for Nail Care. Oils were a ppaaaiiiiinnnn. Everything I found was Really... oily and scented with rose or scentless. I wanted to do better. With the help of my kids and Husband, We came up with Critical Cuticle Cream. A lush balm made specifically for your Cuticles that melted right against your skin and absorbed super quickly. Only leaving soft supple skin behind. We all worked together and picked out the first scents. Created a plan for the labels, recipes and containers and we went to town!

Not only did we knock it out of the park on the first try but that left us wondering what else could we do?

Cuticle Balms....Cuticle Oils.... Men's Balms.... Whipped Sugar Scrubs.... Whipped Body Butters.

We all sat down at the kitchen table and talked about everything from labels to scents and marketing. I am not the only one in this Business. This is quite literally a Family Business. I unexpectedly got both my Kids and my Husband constantly thinking about Nails.

Outside of the Business side of things, I took an opportunity and went on to become a Licensed Nail Tech in the State of Pennsylvania. Even after that I took it further. With even more schooling I became a Certified M-ANT and then just this Fall ( 2021 ) I completed my Medical Nail Technician ( MNT ) Certification and passed my Bridge Exam to become a Certified Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant ( CCPMA ). I am thrilled at the knowledge I've gained through the programs offered by Medinails and by my teacher for my state licensure.

The owner of Dreams Nailed, Andrea Phagan inside her home office/studio with her drop down work table filled with Nail Products
Owner of Dreams Nailed

I want to not only provide amazing Nail Services but also keep everyone's Nails and Skin as healthy as possible. I want to get people to know that there might better out there for your skin and nails. Be it by our formulated products or with how you do your own nails or even your clients nails.

Where do we see ourselves next?

This Fall and Winter 2021 we are branching out to try and get more people aware of our Brand and products we stock so we are attending a few Vendor shows!

  • November 13th - Country & Christmas Craft Show at the York Expo Center within the York Fairgrounds. From 9am - 3pm * Check back for our booth location!

  • November 27th - Small Business Saturday at the Heritage Hills Golf Resort. From 9am - 4pm. * Check back for more details!

Outside of Vendor Shows this year we are going to continue to create amazing Nail & Skin Care Products and stock more amazing products from Koko & Claire and Clear Jelly Stamper!

Thank you to

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