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DreamsNailed C.C.C. - Cid-Ah Apple


C.C.C stands for Critical Cuticle Cream. Named by my 2 boys.


Cuticle care and the care of the surrounding skin is super important. Keeping it hydrated and nourished is something you should strive to do. Not only will it make your fingers feel AHMAZING but this stuff will help you not to get hangnails. It'll help replenish dry skin. All over goodness!


What's Inside?

  I poured in the research to find nourishing ingredients that wouldn't leave a greasy overly wet feeling on your skin. Ingredients that would leave your skin hydrated, nourished and beautiful feeling and looking.


While I love cuticle oils, they can be messy and take awhile to really absorb into the skin. So instead I made a balm. It's compact, portable and you know exactly how much you are using because you are controlling how much is pushed up to the top of the tube.



The only difference between each C.C.C is smell. Otherwise here is the list of what is inside this wonderful balm.

Each tube contains 0.15oz


This particular product has the scent of apples and cinnamon....almost like fresh apple cider.... that will leave a soft lingering fragrance.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 
Organic Golden Jojoba Oil  
White Natural Cocoa Butter
Certified Organic Mango Butter
Organic Yellow 100% Beeswax Pastilles
Vitamin E Oil
Premium Fragrance Oil

C.C.C. - Cid-ah Apple


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