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This little mini LED light is perfect for curing all of the Gel Bases, Colors and Top Coats that we offer here at Dreams Nailed. With 6 LED lights and a total of 6W, it has the perfect coverage for either one finger at a time or even 4 at a time. We would recommend saving your thumb for last so you don't have any "pooling" of the gel on one side of your nail as that can be frustrating for anyone.


How It Works

Press the Power button on the back once for a default of a 60 second timer and if whatever Gel product that you are using calls for 120 seconds for a cure time, just press the Power button a second time but hold it in until the LED's automatically come on.  


What's Included

Included is the mini light itself, which has legs that fold up nice and flush for easy storage and/or transport. As well as the connecting wire to the unit. The only thing not included is the wall charger. Any one you have laying around would work perfectly.

Mini Led Light


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